“I see my job as encouraging the expression of beauty from within those I have the pleasure of working with."

About Me

Robyn Jenkins is driven by her belief in revealing and expressing the beauty of life within each of us and around all of us.  


“Whether you’re a bride, an actor, a model, or as an artist, my job is to help facilitate the physical expression of your inner beauty — always to suit the context of the moment.  Often it’s for people using hair and make-up.  Sometimes, it’s my expression through art.  Or photography.  Whatever the medium or project, the objective is to create meaningful moments in people’s lives using the physical realm to express their inner beauty.  It’s a pleasure and an honour to be part of that personal process with people.  I love my work — and helping people realize those impactful moments.”


Robyn Jenkins was born in Kingston, raised in Lakefield, Ontario (northeast of Toronto) and spent 10 years in Vancouver, BC working on set in film and television.  Her work includes make-up and hair, special effects make-up, photography and video.  Robyn has worked on more than 150 music videos, television shows, magazine covers, commercials and special effects make-up shoots.  She is especially regarded for her calm, friendly demeanour and professionalism.


Her clients include Carley Rae Jepson, Nickelback, Mariana’s Trench, Dallas Smith, Theory of a Deadman, The Deftones, Gord Bamford, Dean Brody, tennis star Martina Hingis, Erin Cebula, Natalie McMaster, The Vancouver Canucks, Vega, Franks Red Hot Sauce and television shows Once Upon A Time, Arctic Air and Lucifer, among others.


Returning home in 2015 to start a family, she began “Robin’s Nest,” a bridal hair and make-up company that has served more than 250 weddings.  She expanded her bridal services by purchasing Lakefield Flowers and Gifts. Robyn continues doing music videos for artists, and photoshoots and commercials for corporate clients.  With a 2-year old boy, she occasionally finds time for her art.

She holds a diploma of fine arts and degree from The Vancouver Film School.


References available on request.